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How Producers Can Play Advanced RnB NeoSoul Harmony on the Keys in Minutes Using the Simple Plug-n-Play
GRIP Formula!Β πŸ”₯🎹

...with-OUT learning inapplicable or outdated music theory, even if you're a complete beginner!

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On This Masterclass You Will Learn:

Secret #1:

GRIP Formula Revealed

How to Play Authentic RnB, Jazz & NeoSoul PianoΒ Specifically for Music Production INSTANTLY Using the Simple Plug-n-Play GRIP Formula

(a formula passed down the Jazz Lineage for decades...)

Secret #2:

Muscle Memory Secrets

The 3 BEST Ways to Lock GRIPs into Your Muscle Memory Quickly So You Can Play What's In Your Head Effortlessly Without Guessing

(and not have to practice for hours and hours to sound pro!)

Secret #3:

Ditch Outdated Theory

Why You Don't Need to Be the "Yoda of Music Theory" to Make Pro-Level Melodies & Progressions & How You Can Learn All-The-Theory-You-Need on this Class!

(No sheet music or inapplicable theory required...)

What People Are Saying About It...

What People Are Saying About It...

Ready to Play Piano The Way You've Always Wanted to?
Hey, BruceBeats here! πŸ‘‹Β  I'm gonna keep it real with you...

This free masterclass is not a bunch of fluff BS...

Or a fake 60-min training with the "real goods" behind a $997 paywall πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Yes, I do have a program in which I work with producers more directly on mastering the information you'll learn here...

But regardless of wether or not you decide to work with me any further...

⏰ In just 1 hour...

You will be a brand-new musician πŸ”₯🎹

βœ… Playing Pro-Level Chords with Ease

βœ… Impressing The People Around You With How You Sound

βœ… Expressing Your Emotions Through Music Without Guessing

And that's just the beginning! πŸ’ͺ

Applying GRIPs,Β 
and specifically the secrets I'm going to teach you on this class...

I've been able to collaborate with some of the biggest artists & producers in the world (RUSS, Rapsody, Tarrus Riley, Darkchild & more...)

And land thousands of placements on mainstream TV networks across the globe (Netflix, ESPN, McDonalds, HULU & more...)

And even better...Β 

Producers who've adopted this system have been able to:

πŸ† Play, Write & Produce the Way They've Always Dreamed

πŸ† Gained Respect & Recognition From Industry Songwriters

πŸ† Leveled-up FASTER Than They Ever Thought Possible

πŸ‘† That's all because of dialing in what I show you on this training.

So if you've been getting tired of not:

❌ Being the "self-sufficient" producer you know you are

❌ Translating your emotions into pro chords & melodies

❌ Feeling truly confident in your skillset as a musician

And you're ready to...

βœ… Collab with Major Label Artists with Confidence

βœ… Knowing EXACTLY what to play the second you hear it

βœ… Be able to say "I'm a professional musician" and MEAN it...

This class is exactly what you need.

And it's free 😎

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! πŸ†

Click the button below now to watch it now!

I'm looking forward to teaching you πŸ™‚


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