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F R E E   T R A I N I N G

The FASTEST Way to Play Advanced Soulful Harmony Specifically For Producing & Songwriting!

...even if you have no piano skills! 🔥🎹

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Here's What You're Going To Learn



How to Play Advanced RnB, Jazz & NeoSoul Harmony Instantly Using the Simple GRIP Formula!

(the formula that's been passed down the jazz lineage for decades...)



Why You Don't Need to Be A "Music Theory Master" to Make FIRE Melodies & Progressions & How You Can Learn all-the-theory-you-need on this class!

(as long as you can count to 13 you can do this...) 



The 3 Most Effective Methods to Lock GRIPs Into Your Muscle Memory In Just 10 Minutes So You Don't Have To Spend Hours Practicing!

(and you can spend that time making great music!) 

Reviews From This Free Class! 

Are You Ready To Play The "Soulful Harmony" Your Hear In Your Head... Effortlessly? 🤔
I'll be honest with you...

This isn't some "gimmicky-click-bait" marketing trick I put together... 

This is REAL education straight from Universities that charged me $50,000 to attend.

So if you want to:

🎹 Play the ideas in your head effortlessly
🎹 Express yourself through music at a high-level
🎹 Be truly confident in your abilities as a producer & songwriter

And learn all the juicy stank face harmony in the process... 😎

This free class is exactly what you're looking for! 

(and you won't find it this method tailored to producers & songwriters anywhere else...)

Click the button below to learn how to play with GRIPs now! 👇
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